2021 WORLD TEACHERS’DAY - follow along
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Australia celebrates

World Teachers’ Day

Friday 29 October

Celebrate the bright future of teaching and thank Australia’s teachers. Post a photo in your sunglasses on Twitter or Facebook on the day using #BrightFuture and @aitsl. Check out our Celebration Kit and articles for more ideas!

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Photo booth

Pick your design and smile! Post your photo on Twitter or Facebook with #BrightFuture and tag @aitsl.

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Million apples

Help us collect 1 million apples to thank Australia’s teachers, be quick as they come by fast!

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AITSL acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, sea country and waterways from across Australia. We honour and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future.


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Post your photo on Twitter or Facebook with #BrightFuture and tag @aitsl


The distance in metres you can write with a pen

Eddie Woo explains


The number of schools in Australia

Eddie Woo explains


The number of students who graduate as teachers every year in Australia

Eddie Woo explains


The number of identified plant and animal species native to Australia

Eddie Woo explains


The average adult knows between 20,000 to 35,000 words

Eddie Woo explains


The number of words in the average textbook

Eddie Woo explains


The number of ways you can deal 4 cards from a deck of cards

Eddie Woo explains


The number of teachers in Australia

Eddie Woo explains


The number in metres that the International Space Station orbits about Earth

Eddie Woo explains


The number of people who simultaneously hit the space bar on a keyboard every one tenth of a second

Eddie Woo explains


The number of minutes in school from Prep/Foundation to Year 10

Eddie Woo explains


The number of apples collected here to thank teachers across Australia

Eddie Woo explains

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We’ll share these with Australia’s teachers to say thanks!

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